Privacy problems in mobile telephony

One of the goals of mobile telephone protocols is to deny third parties the ability to link communication sessions with subscribers' identities. We have been investigating security and privacy in mobile telephone protocols, both in theory using formal methods and in practice by capturing real network communication.

Practical everlasting privacy

We investigate practical everlasting privacy, where an attacker will be more computationally powerful in the future, but will have fewer data to operate on.

Inaugural lecture

Big brother and little brother: the future of privacy

Computers have brought about enormous changes in all aspects of our lives over the last 20 years. The next 20 years are likely to see changes of even bigger magnitude. Soon, every fact about us, and every one of our movements, our utterances, and perhaps even our thoughts... [more]

StatVerif: Verification of stateful processes

An extension of the ProVerif process calculus to model global state.

The trusted platform module

The TPM, attacks, and applications.

Cloud computing

We investigate techniques for privacy-supporting cloud computing.

Electronic voting

We investigate properties and protocols for electronic voting.