Aframano is a farming village in the Ashanti region of Ghana, with about 60 households. It's about 30km from Ashanti Development's base at Gyetiase, and near to Kofiase. I've visited twice, in December 2017 and February 2018.

Although only 30km from Gyetiase, it takes about an hour to drive, because the last bit of road is a dirt track.

Neither Aframano nor Gyetiase appear on Google Maps, but using the GPS coordinates in the metadata of the photos I took there I can locate them on the satellite view.


I am raising money for water and latrines for Aframano. Currently, the villagers have to walk several times a day to the stream to fetch water, and carry it back. It takes 5 or 10 minutes to walk to the stream, depending on where you start from in the village. The return journey might take a bit longer if you are carrying a big container of water. The villagers have no toilets (they use the bushes). Because of this lack of basic hygiene, the villagers have a lot of stomach infections, including cholera. Currently, 20% of babies die before the age of two, mostly because of diarrhoea resulting from infections.

Aframano has a non-working borehole, which was installed in about 2010 by an NGO, but the NGO hasn't been back. The villagers can't repair it. A label on the pump says that it was manufactured by AFD (AfroDev), on 23/4/2006. Nicholas (Ashanti Development operations manager) says it is a type that's not good for this area because the water is at too a great depth (60m). However, the fact that the borehole produced water when it was working removes uncertainty about where to drill. In fact, no new drilling is required. We can get a borehole contractor to recondition the existing borehole. This will include replacing the cheap plastic interior with metal (I think aluminium), to ensure a longer life.


We will purchase the materials for 60 pit latrines, one for each household. I've visited several villages where Ashanti Development is building latrines. Here are the stages.

1. Make the concrete top that the user will squat over. The keyhole shape is for defacation; the circular hole is for the vent pipe.

2. Dig circular foundations 3m deep and fill with concrete. Then dig out the hole in the centre (not shown).

3. Put the concrete top over the dug-out hole, and build a nice building on top, complete with mosquito net. Ideally, the vent pipe is on the south side, so the sun warms it, and convection draws smells upwards through the pipe.

How it works

We want to purchase materials for 60 latrines (one for each household); the materials are £160 per latrine, so that is £9600. The borehole refit is about £3000. So we aim to raise about £12600. These figures include a provision for the work of supervising the project, training the beneficiaries in health and hygiene, and strengthening the village institutions so that the equipment is well looked after. Householders provide the labour for building the latrines without any charge. Ashanti Development charges 5% for project management.

For every pound you donate, I will also donate a pound (until my donation reaches £5000). If you contribute £100, then Ashanti Development gets an additional £25 in gift aid [if you are a UK tax payer], and £100 from me and £25 in gift aid from my donation. That totals £250. Then Ashanti Development takes £12.5 for project management, leaving £237.5 (237.5% of your donation) for purchasing materials for building latrines and re-fitting the borehole and providing the supervision and training.

Time frame and monotoring

The appeal will run from May to September 2018. We hope to start the work by the end of the year. I will monitor the progress, by visiting in December 2018 or January 2019, and then again during 2019. I'll maintain this website with news of the progress. (Needless to say, the visits are entirely funded by me.)

How to donate

Here are three ways you can donate:

  1. Use my BT sponsorship page. According to their terms, BT does not take any money if you donate in this way, except the card payment fee. This method of payment also supports anonymous donations, and allows you to declare your eligibility for gift aid.
  2. If you prefer, can transfer the money directly to Ashanti Development's bank account. Please contact Ashanti Development for the details. Please be sure to use the reference "Aframano". Please also complete a gift aid form.
  3. For small amounts, you can give cash directly to me.

Update: November 2018

All my friends have been very generous, and we have raised a lot of money. At the time of writing (5 November 2018), the BT sponsorship page shows that the donations via that page amount to £6578 including gift aid. My match donation is £6250 (which is £5000 plus gift aid). Other people donated £2453; most of that amount comes via Helen Cross, another fundraiser, who generously allocated funds from her project to mine. Finally, I have received £300 in cash. This totals £15581. It exceeds the target, which was £12600. The excess will allow us to do a really good job of the borehole. Thank you to all my friends!

Progress on building work

Delivery of the building materials started in August 2018. Here are photos.

Construction began in September. The first tasks are making the concrete top, and digging the pit:

Some latrines are nearly finished.